Leave Google Alone, infinitely better business than Facebook

I just posted this comment on http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2010/07/29/google-the-search-partpicture-38.pngy-is-over/

Journalists should not make the mistake that Facebook is a better business than Google.

I really believe Google can increase revenues by partnering with SearchForecast to become/facilitate a marketplace to buy/sell the millions of publishers you send checks to each month. The engine room of Google is their AdSense Publishers who contributed 30+% of their revenues. This global ecosystem of publishers is the long tail which helped built Google’s dominance in the past 6 years and is a strategic asset. SearchForecast can help leverage these publishers. This is why we launched http://marketplace.searchforecast.com – where AdSense Publishers can sell/buy their websites.

It’s not just Google who need a future vision, it’s the publishers who need new management. To do this, many need to sell their websites and online businesses and have new people embrace their online business with new vigor and ideas.

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