AdSense Publisher Directory – Lead Gen to Legacy

Last month, we opened up our AdSense Publishers Directory to a select group of adnetworks and technology providers, including OpenX and Payoneer, who have the vision of helping us connect the community of AdSense Publishers.


I visited the New York Public Library recently. The names of  contributors who built and maintain this safehouse of literature where the public can openly access the publishers  reminded me of our vision for the  SearchForecast Publisher Directory which now holds 5+ million publisher website URLs.

In the same way as FlickR tagged photo’s – providing better descriptions from owners – we have done so for Publishing websites running Google AdSense. Each Publisher website in our Publisher Directory is “tagged” by keyword. There are 1.2 million keywords.

As we help AdNetworks find publishers via partnership lead generation program and connect publishers via our CRS Conference, we are striving to build and preserve to provide future generations with a digital roadmap of publishers and how they described and published their websites.

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