AOL explores new publisher universes and keyword galaxies with SearchForecast

Eachhs-2005-28-f-full_jpg.jpg month, SearchForecast finds new AdSense Publishers. It is true,  “the universe of expanding”… much like the Hubble Telescope, our crawler is discovering new publishers every day which run Google Adsense.

Having read that surveys indicate 50% of the world’s population want to write a book, with blog technology and contextual advertising, billions of people can become publishers, monetizing their content with advertising. So what does this mean for the universe of publishers? images-1.jpg

Working with AOL, we’ve been able to reach deeper inside the publisher universe and find new publishers that we may not have previously been able to find. Being able to provide publishers with alternatives like is helping breathe new life (and money) into this ever expanding universe of publishers.

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