Mobile Ad Networks benefit from AdSense for Mobile, iPhone Vs Android –

img_3336.jpgSitting at Googleplex last September having lunch with Kento¬†Sugiura, Google’s AdSense Online Mobile Specialist, we discussed how 12% of Google searches per day are made from smart phones, rising to 40% on public holidays and weekends. Kento Sugiura leads the mobile partnership development and helps publishers and developers monetize their mobile Web content.

Fast forward 9 months and Google acquired AdMob and Apple acquired Quattro – $1B+ in acquisitions.

images.jpgAt SearchForecast, our AdSense Directory has tens of thousands of mobile enabled websites and we work with mobile networks such as Mojiva Рwho are a leading  mobile advertising platform for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell mobile ads on their mobile websites.

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