Chegg’s mission is to educate the world – well done Aayush

picture-17.png Over pasta and Tiramisu in Palo Alto last week I met up with Aayush Phambhra, founder of Chegg. Having both had the problem of overly priced University textbooks, we discussed the mission of Chegg – which I fully endorse.

Firstly, it’s a noble profession to help the world in education and with Google Books making it an open environment where any device can (not like Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle ) access books, I like what Chegg are doing.

At some point, mankind needed to invent a distribution system that would take in real time the knowledge contained in books to those who afford to buy a book or find a library who could lend them a book. Having a library to last forever is a noble cause and I hope others around the world help Chegg make books accessible to their people. Education is the key to a better world. Aayush, Chegg and Google Books are doing that. Keep up the good work.

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