Domain Owners – Tell ‘im ‘e’s dreamin’

We recently were bidding on a single word domain name and in follow on discussions with the owner I had a realization. Most domainers believe (or want to believe) that they are getting a million dollar pay day – today! Here’s some advice – Tell ‘im ‘e’s dreamin’. Over the years, I have been low balled on some of the single word domain names I registered while studying at the University of Melbourne. I have declined all of them.

There are lots of great domains available if you look at the keywords that users are searching on. In industries where advertising is very difficult. Recently, a client was looking at how to advertise in a restricted industy forĀ adult jobs in Sydney and following a review of Google Keyword Planner, the keywords that had the most search traffic were the available domain name.

Years ago I had the pleasure of meeting the Roderick McAllery, owner of The Trading Post in Sydney – he told me his grandfather conceived the idea whilst in the battlefield trenches during World War II. Many diggers bought and sold via The Trading Post to make money.

It seems the domainers have lost that Aussie Spirit and have lofty ideas on what the true value of their largely unmonetized real estate is.