Google Placement Tool for AdSense shows False Websites

Yesterday, a client pointed out to me what looks to be some serious shortcomings in the placement targeting tool on Google’s Content Network.

Upon further investigation of the “mangaement placement tool” used to find AdSense websites within  Google Adwords, I found that the keyword “expat” returned websites running in the Content Network  that didn’t even exist. The most curious of these was the URL “” (which doesn’t even exist as a website yet Google say it has 10,000 – 100,000 impressions per month).. Click on the image below!


One of the benefits of our AdSense Directory is the open view of each keyword so you can view a summary of expat websites Google doesn’t provide that level of detail, limiting the decision making process when selecting websites within the Content Network.

With over 400,000 AdSense publishers in the  AdSense Directory, SearchForecast is providing more visibility into the AdSense ecosystem. Each publisher listed in the directory is connected by relevant keywords that each AdSense Publisher has actually written into their website, not keywords associated with it. For example, at, we show the other keywords which were written by the publisher indicating their intent when scribing their website.


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