How the AdSense Directory Crawler Technology Works?

images-9.jpgA question many people are asking is how does Searchforecast collect all the websites in the AdSense Directory. Our proprietary crawler has been running for many years now and each day collects websites that are running AdSense. Each day, we migrate the data and de-duplicate the database, so the websites and keywords are always fresh.

Our engineers manually oversee the de-duplication ensuring the database integrity. Here’s a daily report we push around internally…

Web Crawler Report
1: De duplicate 49,000 URLs from new crawled data
2: Updated the existing URLs, Title, Description & Keywords.
3: Removed duplicates URLs, Publish /Tags URLs
4: Monitoring the Crawler Load & CPU

Existing Database Total: 3,340,234
Newly URLs: 47,191
Total After Merging URLs: 3,387,425

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