Buy & Sell AdSense Websites on SearchForecast Marketplace

Yesterday, we launched the SearchForecast Marketplace allowing publishers – NOT domain names – to be bought and sold. Many AdSense publishers have built recurring revenue stream online businesses and are ready to sell their asset. Many buyers are looking to inject new ideas, enthusiasm and web 2.0 ideas into websites that have reached a point where the owners want to sell. It’s an inflection point in the evolution of contextual publishing.

Over lunch in West Hollywood in Los Angeles today with Eytan Elbaz, one of the original founders of Applied Semantics which invented AdSense, we spoke about the empowerment AdSense gave to global publishers, how those monthly AdSense checks have enriched their lives and bring hope, understanding and help people learn about new cultures.


We built the Marketplace so AdSense Publishers can realize their dream, capitalize on their entrepreneuralism and hard work with a pay day. We hope to attract buyers that aspire to joining the online publishing phenomena of passive monetization and bring new ideas to continue the growth of this industry.

Millions of people have worked very hard to build their websites – not speculated in domains – and have labored daily to build valuable traffic. The SearchForecast Marketplace isĀ  another way we are embracing the publisher community and bring together people from around the world to learn, share and trade their websites. It’s a project for the publishers and we hope you all embrace and benefit from it…..

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