Using AdSense Directory for Google Managed Placements

Google Adwords Advertisers and PPC specialists have been using the SearchForecast AdSense Directory for targeting across the Google Content Network. With over 350,000 AdSense Publishers indexed by 1.2 million keywords, the AdSense Directory provides a targeting placement tool that allows websites to be identified and added to the “Managed Placements” section of the Content Network within Google Adwords.


The product originated because of the understanding I gained through Adwords professionals like David Rodnitzky from PPC Associates and Shelley Ellis who are helping clients target sites across the once blind Content Network which Google generates $7 billion a year from!

It’s worthwhile noting that “managed placement” will work only if Google gives you managed placement status. In other words, if you are running AdSense on and Google has not yet identified that site as being qualified as a managed placement, the advertiser can’t target that directly via Google Adwords – but that’s not to say they can’t contact that website and deal directly with the publisher.

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