Top AdSense Websites – AdSense Directory at 418,000 Publishers and counting

images-2.jpgOne of the biggest analytical questions in the online advertising sector that remains largely a puzzle is how many AdSense websites there are and how much do they earn?

Today, we’re pleased to announced that our AdSense crawler has collected and databased over 418,000 AdSense Publishers which can be viewed on the AdSense Publisher Directory. We are continuing the crawl and update our Directory every day with new AdSense Publishers.

In some ways, we feel like we’re using the Abacus, the first calculating mechanism known to us.  It was invented sometime between 1,000 BC and 500 BC by the Babylonians and it was reintroduced by Pope Sylvester II. Let’s hope it doesn’t take us a 2,000 years to crack the code on Google’s $7Billion AdSense publishing network.

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