Real Time Advice for Travelers

LocalyteLocalyte is a start up based here in Silicon Valley which I am an advisor to. has built a growing army of 42,000 local experts in 10,000 destinations across 170 countries. These locals produce geotaged reviews about points of interests (like Restaurants, Museums, Shopping Places, Cafe, Parks, etc.). They have developed a “secret sauce” for growing a worldwide community with very little resources and they also cracked the code for engaging the community to generate reviews about local places in high volume and for free. At current growth rate they expect to have more than 500,000 reviews in the next 12 months. Here’s an example of what they are producing:

Watch the video on YouTube for more information and an example of how Localyte’s “real time” technologies are helping travelers today enrichen their holiday experiences. produce high-volume geo-taged local content by using Google Map API.

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