Andy Warhol was right… I just look at pictures

In a sun-filled office in downtown Palo Alto last week I sat with another 25 executives listening to how billions of pictures are shared, tagged, annotated and federated across workflows to drive efficiency. It’s true, every workflow app now allows images to be shared in real time. And I’m not just talking about Instagram.

The team from First National Real Estate enjoyed listening to Bryan Lip, VP Partnerships  at Рwith over 2M paying designers, architects and builders who increasingly enjoy the benefits of workflow collaboration with images inside the online community platform.


On one of the walls inside the meeting room was this sign that images really were the vision of one of America’s greatest pop culture icons.

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 8.07.35 PM

And around the corner at Unami Burger on University Avenue after the meeting, I ordered up a cow free protein burger from Impossible Foods. This plant based protein alternative to meat is just a reminder that nothing really is impossible. This is America.

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 8.06.02 PM

Design SEO: The importance of color changes

I regularly inform clients part of the optimization of websites requires design changes from adding new colors to home pages, level 1 & 2 sections within the site, changing buttons or extending pages with content. We change design components linked to content on our clients sites no less than once a month. We like to use real life examples. Several weeks ago in New York the Empire State Building had it’s Easter colors lit up. Completed in 1931, it’s using the color technique to stand out in the crowd. Simple but effective.

Image Optimization – New Findings for Google+

SearchForecast advises clients on how to optimize images across their site. Our SKUmatic solution helps clients optimize product images on Facebook for social media optimization. We have been helping clients understand Google+ and how to leverage Google’s social network for optimization of blogs and verified content via Google Authorship.

Scarlett-Johansson-31In a recent study, published on the Cornell University Library on what makes images go virual on Google Plus, there’s some insights I wanted to share:

1.  Posts with fewer than 75 plusoners are more likely to contain images whereas posts with more than 75 plusoners are more likely to be text only.

2. Vertical images tend to be more viral and horizontal ones as they are more likely to contain a portrait of a celebrity than horizontal images.

3. Animated images are more likely to be re-shared while static images are more likely to be replied to or plusoned.

With every smart phone a camera for humans to express themselves and converse more in images, the importance of image optimazition is increasing.