Simple Banner Ad Advice

Banner ads. They won’t go away will they? I can hear publishers speaking of ‘banner burn-out’ in 1997. By accident, we became a huge producer of banner ads in 1995 as over 1,000 websites ran these early web 1.0 banner ads to our online surveys. Here is attached a good cheat sheet for simple banner ad advice.


Voice Search Glitch for Voice Optimization

At SearchForecast, we’re instructing clients to think seriously about how to include voice search optimization into their user experience. The first step is to think about what “around me” and “near me” search queries users are making when on mobile phones. Putting these search queries into meta tags, building pages with keyword links referencing them and creating mobile friendly user experiences will collectively help websites appear higher in Google when people search for ‘product A around me’ or ‘locations near me’.

Yet when we see that Siri on iPhones are not working as per the screen shot attached sent to us by a client today, that doesn’t help the voice optimization search world.