Is AdSense Placements to AdWords 
Good for You?

images1.jpgHere at SearchForecast we are providing adnetworks and adbuyers with a simpler way to find AdSense Publishers than using the newly launched Export to AdWords feature which Google launched this week.

Whereas Google enables advertisers to export Google Content Network placements from Ad Planner into AdWords, SearchForecast works with our clients to hand-pick these from our AdSense Directory.

Compare fast-food to Mom’s home cooking! Whilst fast-food might be quick and taste good, the care and quality of a home cooked meal is ultimately healthier and better for you!

We all know there is very little convenience – or relevancy – for advertisers running text ads or display ads on the Google Content Network. SearchForecast provides a quality service that pinpoints keywords on publisher pages, identifies publishers that are often anonymized in the Content Network reporting and ensures our clients have an alternative to Google when selecting publishers and advertisers.

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AOL explores new publisher universes and keyword galaxies with SearchForecast

Eachhs-2005-28-f-full_jpg.jpg month, SearchForecast finds new AdSense Publishers. It is true,  “the universe of expanding”… much like the Hubble Telescope, our crawler is discovering new publishers every day which run Google Adsense.

Having read that surveys indicate 50% of the world’s population want to write a book, with blog technology and contextual advertising, billions of people can become publishers, monetizing their content with advertising. So what does this mean for the universe of publishers? images-1.jpg

Working with AOL, we’ve been able to reach deeper inside the publisher universe and find new publishers that we may not have previously been able to find. Being able to provide publishers with alternatives like is helping breathe new life (and money) into this ever expanding universe of publishers.

Mobile Ad Networks benefit from AdSense for Mobile, iPhone Vs Android –

img_3336.jpgSitting at Googleplex last September having lunch with Kento Sugiura, Google’s AdSense Online Mobile Specialist, we discussed how 12% of Google searches per day are made from smart phones, rising to 40% on public holidays and weekends. Kento Sugiura leads the mobile partnership development and helps publishers and developers monetize their mobile Web content.

Fast forward 9 months and Google acquired AdMob and Apple acquired Quattro – $1B+ in acquisitions.

images.jpgAt SearchForecast, our AdSense Directory has tens of thousands of mobile enabled websites and we work with mobile networks such as Mojiva – who are a leading  mobile advertising platform for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell mobile ads on their mobile websites.

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