LinkedIn Optimization & Lead Generation

Since LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion in June 2016, we have not seen a great deal of upgrades to the functionality of how the interface for lead generation works. Summarized below are observations from our team members who are working to increase lead generation from Linkedin for multiple clients on a daily basis.

So what is it really like to optimize content on a platform like LinkedIn? We speak regularly with our LinkedIn Account Managers and as many individual LinkedIn Advertisers do not, we wanted to share some of the insights.

1. Single Static Ads that are 300×250 work better more times that a “Sponsored Post”

2. LinkedIn is expensive and doesn’t always convert as well as Google on a cost per lead basis.

3. LinkedIn Matched Audiences are best when they have a database of 100,000. These are audience custom audience segments you can use as targeting selections in your advertising campaigns. Within Matched Audiences, you can upload a list of companies or email contacts via a csv file and then target advertising to them. You can also create a ‘Lookalike’ audience which will target similar people to those in your Audience List.

4. Lead Gen Forms may be created if your Ads account is associated with a LinkedIn Page. You can create Lead Gen Forms by following these steps @

Here’s a screenshot of a client lead gen campaign so you can see the reporting of the leads and here’s a useful on-demand webinar on lead generation strategies and best practices. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 7.17.46 PM

We hope this helps as not everyone gets this information if you’re located outside the United States of America.