"I briefed Mark Brown, Sales Director and Ron Horne, CEO about the Figtree website indexation in search engines. They are very pleased with the results and delighted with the progress we are making. On behalf of the management at Figtree, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your time and energy. This is an incredible effort that can only be attributed to all of you for your individual participation as a whole."

Ivan Sanchez, Marketing Director, Figtree Systems

Business Challenge

Figtree, a leading global software provider of claims management software solutions, had used Mambo, an open source content management system, to publish their website. The open source software was limited in its ability to ensure higher search engine listings and restricted the inclusion of various search engine identifiers. Figtree did not rank in the first 5 search engine results pages for Google and Yahoo!

SearchForecast Solution

SearchForecast’s search intelligence solution was licenced by Figtree to learn about how search enigne optimization works. By transferring knowledge in various training sessions, SearchForecast identified the lack of required search engine identifiers. The SearchForecast techncal team were then deployed to correct the issues of their open source content management system.

Key Benefits for Figtree

  1. Top 10 rankings on many keywords in Google and Yahoo! including
  2. Inclusion of over 35 search friendly identifers on all pages of the Figtree Systems website
  3. Increase in the information architecture of the website - by industry, market segment and designation
  4. Use of generic URLs to protect intellectual property rights.

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