"A great result and a fantastic increase in keywords in the top 100 positions 2021 YoY including the Top 10 positions. Thank you to SearchForecast for the excellent work in SEO over the last 18 months."

Tania Johnston, Group Digitial Marketing Lead, Super Retail Group.

Business Challenge

SuperCheapAuto.com.au is a leading Australian automotive parts and accessories retailer with 300 stores. Stocking over 1 million stock units, the SuperCheapAuto.com.au website navigation menu and site architecture required to be revised to ensure rankings on high volume search queries.

SearchForecast Solution

SearchForecast crawled competitor websites and reversed engineered their site architecture, de-duplicating tens of thousands of keywords to provide new keywords that SuperCheapAuto.com.au Replication of competitor website architecture using python scripts and crawling techniques proprietary to SearchForecast allowed SuperCheapAuto.com.au to visualize which keyword phrases were missing from their website.

Key Benefits for SuperCheapAuto.com.au

  1. User Sessions increased 5.77% in 2021 vs 2020
  2. Bounce rate was improved by 12.38% in 2021 vs 2020
  3. Top 100 Keyword total in organic search engine results increased 122% in 2021 vs 2020

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