"We could not have reamped as fast without the awesome team at SearchForecast. Their insights, experience and fast turnaround on campaign execution allowed ThankView to scale into nationwide campaigns to increase our lead generation."

Alysha Wilden, Head of Growth Marketing, ThankView Inc

Business Challenge

ThankView is the largest personalized video platform for nonprofits. Targeting colleges and universities, ThankView required multiple land / expand campaigns to grow the number of alumni donor managers using the platform. Largely built on social media and word of mouth, SearchForecast utilized experience with Google, LinkedIn and programmatic media to target the higher ed market.

SearchForecast Solution

SearchForecast created multiple laser focused campaigns based on intensive keyword research to deliver campaign management across various channels such as Google, LinkedIn and Quantcast. Proven techniques creating niche audiences, A/B Testing and implementation of tracking conversion led to a 3 year engagement including 1 year post the October 2021 merger with EverTrue.

Key Benefits for ThankView

  1. Lead Generation increased 32% in 2021 vs 2019
  2. MQL improved by 18% in 2021 vs 2019
  3. Giving Tuesday Campaign leads tripled year over year
  4. Google Optimize A/B Testing created
  5. SEO Analysis, Competitor Analysis and Media Planning for nationwide campaigns.

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