1 Click to generate website keywords

SearchForecast sets a new standard in website content optimization by focusing on 'keyword density' - a key metric for successful search engine optimization.

The outdated way of optimizing content is managing multiple word documents or sharing Google Docs online. Track changes in word documents often creates confusion for contributors resulting in search engine keywords lost in edited versions before being published online. The increasing problem organizations face is the lack of control and measurement of the SEO keywords into the web pages during the content creation and editing process.

SearchForecast's keyword density and content optimization solution allows the content producers to simply assign keywords into URLs, meta tags and body copy of web pages and calculates the number of keywords as a proportion of the overall words used. Measuring keyword density on web pages is critical for high search engine listings. Managing keyword relevancy is often impossible to calculate, which SearchForecast's content optimization solution overcomes for online writers working collaboratively.

Load New SEO Keywords into Page Editor

SearchForecast allows drag and dropping of newly related search keywords into the Page Editor - so website contributors can include the SEO keywords whilst editing copy and importantly, measuring keyword density in real time and overall word count during this process.

Providing metrics on a websites universe of keywords is the cornerstone of SearchForecast's keyword density and content optimization solution.

Control SEO Keywords into Meta Tag Page Editor

The title tag is still today, the most critical on-page SEO element, narrowly in front of the Description Meta Tag. SearchForecast's auto-collect meta tags tool solves the problem for website content writers having to painstakingly collect meta tags from individual website pages. The Meta Tag Page Editor allows both Title and Description Tags to be edited in a central location and once completed, export the entire database in CSV format for upload into any Content Management System.

Online Dictionary Tool

Writing compelling content that is indexable by search engines such as Google and Bing requires copywriters to use a combination of both SEO keywords in web pages together with related descriptive keywords. To complement the keyword discovery tool providing related search queries, SearchForecast provide a complete online dictionary from within the control panel.

Ideas are not found, they are mined from advanced quantitative analytics filtering, created through words, inspired by sharing and captured through collaboration.