Find New Keywords Competitors Use

Content contributors need new keywords to optimize websites on and SearchForecast's word analytics counts the keywords added and removed from websites each month.

Word Analytics

Online marketers need to understand content analysitcs to make informed decisions on content optimization. SearchForecast measure total words on on competitor websites, tracks number of hyperlinks to word ratio's and ranking of word frequencies on competitor websites. No SEO plans are complete without these word analytics.

Streamline SEO Content Mark Ups

Web content production is a cumbersome process. It involves multiple people within a organization ( such as product managers, the marketing team and the legal department) and often from outside vendors ( contract writers, PR agencies and SEO companies). The keywords selected to optimize content on are often not used due to technical language or product positioning requirements.

Avoid Losing SEO Keywords in Edited Versions

Whilst marketing teams understand the need for best practice in SEO, the content mark-ups with SEO keywords are often removed in re-drafting or lost in multiple edited versions exchanging between marketing, technical, legal. SearchForecast's platform finds and stores new SEO keywords in a repository and allows content editors to mark up meta tags and page content from a list of SEO keywords.

This protects content that has SEO keywords included from being misplaced or removed when the webmaster uploads the body copy and meta tags into the Content Management System or into web mark up files online.

Protect your SEO Investment

Never lose SEO keyword logic and SEO keywords marked up in content again. SearchForecast protects the keywords and content by archiving it. When website designs and copy is updated by future marketing managers, website managers and digital agencies, your organization investment made in SEO will be protected.

Ideas are not found, they are created through words, inspired by sharing and captured through collaboration.