"We had lots of positive feedback from the website from staff yesterday – a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU AND TEAM!. It’s looking great. ALSO, thank you for the outstanding QA which was completed with the transition. It's LIVE after months of hard work 😊. Well done to the A-team. Thank you again from everyone at Powertec."

Felecia Steele, Marketing Manager, Powertec Telecommunications

Business Challenge

Powertec supplies mobile signal boosters, antennas, WiFi solutions and accessories. Launching a new set of inbuilding connectivity solutions targeting large companies and government departments, a new website was commissioned.

Website Redesign

Following analysis of both Google Analytics and User Testing, a new design incorporating an expanded main navigation, page designs for solution pages, case studies and enhanced e-commerce tracking was undertaken. Over 100 pages of content from 4 micro sites were edited and consolidated into the new website. The new design was mobile responsive and all engagement metrics across the website were recorded using Google Events Tracking via Google Tag Manager.


Following a 6 month period, online sales hit an all time high in July 2020. Organic search engine traffic has doubled in the time since SearchForecast began working with Powertec.com.au and Powertec.co.nz and implemented a array of search engine optimization best practices. Paid Search traffic across Google and Facebook platforms has resulted in a 3x increase in traffic at a 50% decrease in costs per customer acquisition.

Ideas are not found, they are mined from advanced quantitative analytics filtering, created through words, inspired by sharing and captured through collaboration.