"SearchForecast has worked with Powertec Telecommunications for the past 3 years, taking our SEO, paid media and two website architecture and redesigns to another level with their extensive expertise. SearchForecast has created a strong digital brand for our business. We appreciate their attention to detail, highly valued strategic support, and exceptional customer service."

Felecia Steel, Head of Marketing, Powertec Wireless Technology

Business Solution

Powertec.com.au runs on a Wordpress / WooCommerce platform. In the first sprint, SearchForecast optimized URLs, meta tags, on page content and rearchitected the navigation of the website to maximize traffic.

All off page search engine optimization was put in place powered by Google Tag Manager including XML Sitemaps, XML Schema, Google Events and enhanced e-Commerce Conversion Tracking via Google Analytics.

SearchForecast managed paid search for Powertec ensuring Google remarking and dynamic search advertising maximized paid keyword traffic. An extensive site redesign in 2022 was undertaken to ensure both the ‘Distribution’ and ‘Solutions’ businesses were integrated into the website.

A complete modernization of the website design, over 100 new images and redesigned shopping cart ensured Powertec.com.au expanded their reach beyond a direct to consumer website.

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