SearchForecast provides servers management and maintenance services. The below report sample is an example of a Monthly Proactive Security & Maintenance Report we provide clients.

This is a MPSM (Monthly Proactive Security & Maintenance) Report for your server which has been completed on Friday, 23 November 2012, 15:38:55 EST. At this time following services were carried out on your server and was ensured that the server is operating normally once the updates were installed.

Selected services updated

  • OS Updates - OS and Kernel Upto date. No updates required
  • Control Panel Updates - cPanel Updated to the latest release version 11.34.9
  • Firewall Updates - All blocked IPs flushed and Configserver Firewall Updated to Ver. 5.71
  • Monitoring Checks - All Monitors are Up and Running
  • Last checked 24-11-2012 01:35:11AM
  • Uptime last 7 days 100%
  • Avg. resp. time last 7 days 74 ms
  • Check type Ping
  • Check resolution 1 minutes
  • Offsite Backup Checks - 3 Copies of Backups (Daily/Monthly/Weekly) are generating properly. Last Backup on 11/23/2012 at 2.33 AM EST


  • Server is running PHP version 5.2
  • Any version of PHP (Current: 5.2.17) older than v5.3.* is now obsolete and should be considered a security threat.
  • Upgrading to PHP v5.3. is recommended in consultation with the site developers.

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