"Having worked with SearchForecast over the past few years, I was eager to implement their keyword architected design methodology as part of the website refresh. SearchForecast broadened the relevancy of keywords across GreatValueVacations.com and these keywords drove the redesign process with social media optimization in mind. We're very happy with the architecture and polished design."

Bert Solivan, General Manager, GreatValueVacations.com

Business Challenge

GreatValueVacations.com sells packaged vacations in in over 15 countries. Being relevant in the highly competitive travel search categories and driving online enquiries to the 20 customer contact center agents is very important.

SearchForecast Solution

SearchForecast provided word analytics to GreatValueVacations in order to view the frequency of keywords used across the site. Thereafter, new keywords were discovered that vacation planners seek when searching for tours and packages. The list of keywords were then architected across the website and social media networks in order to underpin new content and a brand new design that expanded the visual appeal of the website.

Key Benefits for GreatValueVacations.com

  1. Keyword architecture led to increased functionality in the Drupal CMS.
  2. Increase in traffic from highly targeted geographic terms.
  3. New Site Design and added images across Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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