Why TV Attribution & Mobile Search is the Future?

The recent Superbowl on 7 February 2016 yielded some interesting television advertisements yet it was the fact taht 85% of searches for brands or related keywords made by viewers were done on their mobile phone Vs 15% from desktop.

Makes perfect sense. With 200 million iPhone sales in 2015, more than ever America is watching TV with their phone if not in their hand, by their side!

Adometry is a Google product that helps measure the causality between television advertising and search queries. For brands advertising on TV, this allows them to see the impact of their creative and messaging both during and post television spot buy times.


What is more interesting is that Google can then correlate these search queries to website visits to not only a brand site which advertised on television but their competitors sites as well.

As we blend offline and online advertising with time series analysis, the insights from Adometry will help clients save money by more efficient buying and more responsive creative. We’re not convinced clients want Google instructing them on creative yet the results of Adometry will give advertisers insights they have never had before. Think Google Analytics for TV!