Google+ = You’re now working for Google!

The bottomline is that Google+ means you’re now working for Google! Huh? Well, YOU are doing the work. And what’s more, the quality of the output from Google results now includes what your Google circles have searched on.

Try it, do you really want Google – a great intent based directional search engine – to include what your co-worker or friend or family member has searched on. Where’s the church and state divide gone? The team at Mountain View, CA are now playing the social game that Facebook wrote the book on.

For the first time, Google is following Facebook – chasing down eyeballs and using a business model that isn’t their own. Google works just fine. I don’t need “Circles” to tell me what Google can already tell me pretty darn well.


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Cloudy Days in Las Vegas

screen-shot-2012-01-10-at-72208-pm.pngNo clouds in the sky today in Las Vegas… with CES underway,  Ray Mercedes from Panasonic Cloud  explained their cloud based phone system offerings for small and medium sized businesses.

The consumerization of the enterprise is a term more commonly used here in Silicon Valley – referring to enterprise software which is being hosted in the cloud and sold on a monthly fee versus an annual licence fee.

The Panasonic Cloud Service Pricing starts at $39.95 per month and offers businesses a real advantage on cashflow in these challenging economic times. Ray is leading the charge in this nationwide rollout in the USA for Panasonic Cloud.

This meeting would not have been possible without the super-human co-ordination skills of Mr. Raymond Norwood (the best dressed man in Brooklyn). Here’s a photo for you big guy…. we missed you!


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Google Maps API Premier Edition – Great for SEO

images.jpgSeveral of our clients are working with Google Maps Premier Edition – which offers some incredible functionality with respect to creating slicker interface designs, more customizable features and even has HTML5 compliance.

Click to view some of the applications in the Enterprise Edition. There are some incredible applications for mapping for optimization websites such as Asset Tracking but perhaps the biggest benefit is “Control of advertising” – so competitors can’t advertise on your locations!

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