Wind, Power, Lights… The New Conversation

Conversations in Silicon Valley those of us in the online industry are different to anywhere else in the world. People talk about issues, concepts, trends and have big ideas and interests. In many ways, Silicon Valley is a melting pot of ideas and this collective stream of consciousness which leads to how technologies can solve issues. This was one of the reasons why I’m involved with Gridium.

To give you an idea of how power can change New York City, check out

With Hurricane Sandy leaving the bottom half of Manhattan with no electricity for days, a buddy of mine, Chris Brinkworth was kind enough to show me this Wind Map at


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Nexus 7 + Apple Mini = Device Overload

Our house is full up. Four macs, 2 PCs, iPad, Kindle and now a Nexus 7. Tablets have really signaled device overload and

there’s not many smaller versions of tablets or larger versions of phones before the proliferation of devices is more accurately referred to the saturation of devices.

I was invited to the launch party at Google Head Office in Mountain View, California and was given a Nexus7. It’s pretty cool, voice activated search launches the Chrome browser and the results are really accurate. That said, the atached video inside the foyer of Google’s reception was worth capturing. Can they put that on the tablet? Click below¬† to play the video I shot…

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