Mobile Apps + Web Usage Per Day Surpasses Television

Perhaps the biggest news here in the Valley is that more people are spending time on mobile apps and web than on television.

Drew Ianni from AppNation Conferences recently told me that Simon Khalaf, CEO of Flurry presented statistics in San Franciso that showed more people in the USA 15 years and older are spending time on mobile apps + web (197 minutes per day) than on television (168 minutes).

Flurry provide analytics and track mobile apps over 800 million devices globally and get this, 1 trillion app actions per month!

The most incredible statistics is that mobile app consumption in the U.S. has reach 127 minutes per day, compared to 168 minutes for TV and 70 minutes for web browsing.

Forget the “hockey stick” on the web, it has been replace with the “vertical wall” growth in mobile apps.