Geodelic’s “Sherpa” app powers T-Mobile myTouch 3G


Geodelic – which I’m an advisor of – continues to make an impact with T-Mobile myTouch 3G (branded by Google) – which is redefining how the global mobile web evolves. Geodelic software powers the Sherpa application on the phone which learns user behavior and then present information that is customized to each user. That’s mobile local search in the future folks!At breakfast in New York this morning, Saj Sahay, director of product innovation, T-Mobile USA said “The amazing thing about Sherpa is that it learns your favorite types of locations and preferences over time and the more you use it, the better it knows you. MyTouch is all about putting you at the center of the device experience and Sherpa is a shining example of this true, powerful personalization.”Watch the Geodelic Video on ABC Online interview with Autumn Radtke. It can be preordered from T-Mobile’s web site starting today for $200. Deliveries will start on or about August 5.

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